Basic Computer Course

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3 Month Certification Basic Computer Course

  • Course Duration : 3 Month
  • Course Fees: 999/-
  • Course Type : Certificate
  • Course Package : 25 Lesson available in this Crash Course


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Basic Computer Course

3 Month Basic Computer course provide by online.


Introduction to Computers

– Definition and history of computers
– Types of computers (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone)
– Basic computer terminology (hardware, software, input, output)

 Computer Hardware

– Components of a computer (CPU, RAM, ROM, GPU, motherboard)
– Input devices (keyboard, mouse, scanner)
– Output devices (monitor, printer, speakers)

 Computer Software

– Types of software (operating system, application software, utility software)
– Introduction to Microsoft Windows (desktop, files, folders)
– Basic computer operations (shutdown, restart, sleep)

 Microsoft Office

– Introduction to Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)
– Basic operations in Word (creating, saving, editing documents)
– Basic operations in Excel (creating, saving, editing spreadsheets)

 Internet and Email

– Introduction to the internet (history, uses, benefits)
– Basic internet terminology (browser, search engine, website, URL)
– Creating and managing email accounts (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook)

 Computer Security

– Basic computer security concepts (viruses, malware, firewall, antivirus)
– Best practices for computer security (passwords, updates, backups)
– Introduction to online safety (cyberbullying, online privacy)

Computer Applications

– Introduction to computer applications (productivity, entertainment, education)
– Basic operations in PowerPoint (creating, saving, editing presentations)
– Basic operations in Outlook (creating, sending, receiving emails)

Troubleshooting and Maintenance

– Basic computer troubleshooting techniques (error messages, system crashes)
– Computer maintenance tasks ( disk cleanup, disk defragmentation, updates)

Review and Assessment

– Review of key concepts and skills
– Assessment and evaluation (quiz, practical exercise)


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