Web Design & Development Course Using WordPress

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1 Months Certification Course on Web Design & Development Using Wordpress

  • Course Duration : 1 Months
  • Course Fees : 1299
  • Course Type : Certificate
  • Course Package : 24 Lesson Availabe in Crash Course

Benefits :

  1. Learn Web Development & Design From Certified & Industry Level Trainer
  2. E-books Facility with Full Guidance
  3. Certificate
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Web Design & Development Course By WordPress

Web development and design using WordPress refer to the process of creating and building websites using the WordPress content management system (CMS).

Detailed Syllabus :

Course Objectives:

– Build a fully functional website using WordPress
– Understand the fundamentals of web development and design
– Learn to create custom layouts, pages, and posts
– Understand how to optimize website performance and security

Introduction to WordPress

– Overview of WordPress and its features
– Installing and setting up WordPress
– Understanding the WordPress dashboard and admin area

WordPress Basics

– Creating and managing posts, pages, and categories
– Understanding WordPress themes and templates
– Basic WordPress customization

 Premium Plugin Basics

– Introduction to Plugin and its features
– Creating and managing  templates
– Basic Plugin customization

Web Design Fundamentals

– Principles of web design (color theory, typography, layout)
– Designing for user experience (UX) and user interface (UI)
– Creating visual elements (logos, icons, graphics)

Building a Website with Premium Plugin

– Creating a new website with plugin
– Building custom layouts and pages
– Adding widgets and modules

 Advanced Premium Plugin Techniques

– Creating custom templates and themes
– Using Plugin’s advanced features (conditional logic, dynamic content)
– Integrating third-party plugins and services

Website Optimization and Security

– Optimizing website performance (speed, SEO)
– Understanding website security and best practices
– Using security plugins and tools

Development and Launch

– Building a final project website
– Launching and deploying the website
– Troubleshooting and debugging




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