What is Firewall in Computer? Important Solution For Computer Security


What is Firewall in Computer ? Are there any benefits of Firewall Activation in PC ?

What is Firewall in Computer?  : A network security system , that controls incoming and outgoing network which can be hardware or software based on a set of rules.

Types of Firewall : 

Software Firewall : It is type of computer software used to protect your computer from outside attempt to control or gain access. It also provide security from email based trojan programs.

Hardware Firewall : It is a effective with no configuration and they can protect every machine on local network. 

Objectives of Firewall :

Internet Firewall is a software which is designed to protect our computer from viruses and data leaking which we don’t want. 

An Internet Firewall is designed to shut off access to our operating system or to others PC which are connected to our network .

Are there any real benefits ?

Using Firewall is a genuine and true friend for your PC.
  1. Monitors Network Traffic  
  2. Stops Virus Attacks 
  3. Prevents Hacking 
  4. Stops Spyware 
  5. Promotes Privacy.
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