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In Present day computer Education is a Necessary for all of
us.  But many people or students cannot
learn computer because of poor financial condition. But nowadays we should know
computer basics if nothing else. In this article we will learn basic computer.


We have done a lot of research in this matter like we have
found out the correct and easy from books to internet and we are publishing it
in the form of articles in front of you.


The Basic Knowledge about Computer

Before knowing everything, we must first know what the
computer is called, how many parts and What is Computer?

In one line, Computer is an Electro-calculating Device,
which can perform arithmetically and logically.

 From the outside of a computer we see four things. For

  1. Key-board (Key-Board) It is an input device. With the help
    of this we can give information to the computer by typing
  2. Mouse is an input device. With the help of this we can give
    instructions to the computer.
  3. Cabinet: Basically Cabinet is the House of CPU and other Hardware
    Peripherals of Computer. In this Case CPU is the main Component under the
    cabinet. CPU (CPU) This part processes the data instructions given to the
    computer. Its English meaning is – C = Central, P = Processing, U = Unit together
    Central Processing Unit.
  4. Monitor (Monitor) It is an output device. This section
    displays the results.


How many Parts or Device of Computer?

Generally, we can divide computer hardware into 4 Parts/Devices

  • Input Device
  • Output Device
  • Processing Device
  • Storage Device

Now we will know what all these devices explanations and

What is Input Device ?

In computing, which device is used
to provide the data and control signals to an information processing system, that
is called Input Device. Examples; keyboards, mouse, scanners, microphones etc.


What is Output Device ?

In Computing, Which Device is help
to The electronics signals coming from the input device are converted into
human perceptible image based, alphabet based, number based, sound and picture
based that is called Output Device. Ex; Monitor, Printer, Scanner


What is Processing Device?

Basically, the device that analyses
the data inputted in the computer and sends it to the output device is called
processing device. Ex; CPU


What is Storage Device?

Basically, the device that stores
any information in the computer is called Storage Device. For Example; HDD (Hard
disk Devise)

Hope you have learned something from this article about computer basics. if you Like this stay with us we are going to bring many more articles about computer. thank you

Computer Fundamental and basic questions of Computer – PDF Download

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