What is Computer ? Basic Introduction of Computer

Introduction of Computer :

An unprecedented example of science and technology is the computer. The word computer is derived from the English word compute, which means to calculate. As used. But the real picture is that the use of computers is much wider than it is now. At present the use of computer is being noticed in almost every field of life. From complex scientific research to business, management, engineering and computers have become an integral part of our daily lives, this need is increasing day by day. So each of us has no choice but to learn about computers, to learn how to use computers. And because this branch of science is growing, computer education has become essential for each of us to become competent people to be able to work in this field. It has already been said that the word computer originates from the English word computer. Compute the meaning of the word compute. Here, however, the scope of the word count is comparatively greater. These include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, rational decision, comparison of numbers, formatting or modification or enhancement of information, entertainment, etc. In the current situation, it will not be possible to keep the pace of civilization running without computers in the future. Computers have given birth to the concept of information technology, which is based on the collection of data and statistics, its formatting and review. 

What is Computer ?

a computer is a device that can calculate very fast and accurately, organize data, modify or amplify information, and even exchange information.

The History of Computer in Short :

The calculation journey started with the help of instruments around 3000 BC. Since then, computer and its technological advancement has continued through various stages of evolution. In the early days the computer was just a computing device, named ABACUS. In fact, what we mean by a calculator now is the Abacus. In today’s world of computers, the appearance of the device before our eyes is the product of a long journey of technological evolution. The first devices to emerge in this evolution were (1) the Abacus, (2) Pascal’s mechanical calculator, (3) Charles Babbage’s differential engine, (4) the electronic number calculator or electronic numerical integrator and calculator (EN). 5) Universal Automated Computer or Universal Automatic Computer (UNIVAC). That is to say, if the trend of computer generation is analyzed, the stages of development of a device called computer can be known. 

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