Want to be a journalist? Qualifications, courses, and career to be a journalist


Want to be a journalist?
Qualifications, courses, and career to be a journalist

Want to be a journalist? Qualifications, Courses, and
Careers: Do You Want to Be a journalist? If yes, then you must first know what
qualifications you need to be a journalist? What courses do you need to
complete and what is your career in journalism?

Journalism is a career where you have to travel around the
country to gather news and reach people through print and digital media. Not
only reporters have a role to play in journalism but also photographers,
editors, news readers and others.

Qualifications and courses for
becoming a journalist:

Apart from education, your personality is very important for
building a career as a journalist. How dedicated you are to your work is also
very important. Because, most of the time this job has to be done in the field.
So, you always have to be ready to work in any situation. But you can also get
a desk work.

You can take a journalism course after finishing twelfth or
undergraduate. Students of Science, Commerce or any stream of Arts can take
these courses. The courses listed below are the most popular for building a
career in journalism. These are provided by almost every major university in
the country. These cells are one-to-three-year bachelor’s degree or diploma
courses. After that you can get jobs in different media houses.

of Journalism and Mass Communication (B.J.M.S.)

with Journalism

of Media Science

with Mass Media

of Journalism (B.J)

in Journalism & Mass Communication (DJMC)

There are good job prospects for those who follow the
journalism course. You will get both money and fame in this work. You can get
jobs in posts like News Reader, Field Reporter, Cameraman, Editor etc. Starting
from a small place you can get a job in a big media house based on your
experience and qualifications. You will get a very good salary package, around
3 to 4 lakh rupees annually.

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