The difference between a kernel and an operating system Full Explanation by

 The difference
between a kernel and an operating system

Kernel and operating system

An operating system is system software that manages a
computer. Its functions are to manage the resources of computers and to meet
their communication needs. The kernel is an integral part of an operating
system that communicates directly with hardware resources. Without the kernel,
an operating system cannot work.



What is the operating system?

An operating system is software that manages a computer. It
is a collection of information and programs that manage system (hardware)
resources. In addition, it acts as an interface layer between hardware and
applications (such as input / output and memory-related operations for
functions), allowing application software (such as word processors, etc.) to
run. It is the main system software running on a computer. Since users cannot
run any other system or application software properly without a running operating
system, That’s why operating system can be considered as the most important
system software for a computer.

Operating systems are present on all types of machines (not
just computers) with processors such as mobile phones, console based gaming
systems, supercomputers and servers. Most popular operating systems are
Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Unix, Linux and BSD. Microsoft operating systems
are used in most commercial ventures, while Unix-based operating systems are
popular with academic professionals because they are free and open source (and
Windows, which is very expensive).

What is
a kernel?

The kernel is a major component of a computer operating
system. This is the real bridge between hardware and application software. The
kernel is generally responsible for managing system resources, including
hardware and software communications. It provides a very low level of
abstraction between the processor and the input / output device. Inter-process
communication and system calls are the basic processes that this low-level
facility offers to other applications (by the kernel). Kernels are divided into
different types based on design / implementation and how each operating system
works. All system codes are executed at the same address space (due to
performance improvements) by the monotonous wheel kernel. However, most
services are powered by microcarrels in the user space (maintenance and
regularity can be enhanced with this method). There are many other approaches
between these two extremes.


the difference between a kernel and an operating system?

Kernel is the core  of
a operating system (or minimum level). The operating system (graphical user
interface, file management, shell, etc.) depends on the kernel. Other parts
depend on the kernel. The kernel is responsible for communicating with the
hardware, and it is actually part of the operating system that communicates
directly with the hardware. Many welfare routines that can be used to access
files, display graphics, get keyboard / mouse input are provided by the kernel
used by other software.

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