List of Computer Diploma Courses 2022 after Madhyamik and Higher Secondary

List of Computer Diploma Courses
2022 after Madhyamik and Higher Secondary


Nowadays jobs are limited. However, the work competition is
increasing! This has resulted in a large number of unemployed youth and
unemployment. In a country like India, where the use of computer and internet
is increasing every year, it is best to take computer course after high school.
This computer diploma course can be completed if you want to get a job very
soon after passing secondary and higher secondary.


List of Computer Diploma Courses
after Madhyamik or Higher Secondary:


Diploma in
Digital Marketing Courses

The most
popular computer diploma course after high school – Diploma in Digital
Marketing Courses. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a
result of recent corporate scandals. Some of the main topics of this course
are: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social
Media Marketing (SMM). This course is very useful for those who want to
create their own brand online.


Diploma in
Web Designing Courses

popular course after high school is the Diploma in Web Designing course The
demand is increasing day by day Demand for this specialty has grown
significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals


Diploma in
VFX and Animation Courses

animation course is a part of graphic designing. According to a report by
Research and Markets, the Indian animation industry is expected to have a tremendous
impact, reaching 150-200% to Marking
23 billion by 2021.


Diploma in
Hardware and Networking Courses

This course
is convenient for those who are interested in networking This code provides
instruction on various issues related to computer hardware, big and small, as
well as maintenance of external components of the computer such as monitor
CPU, mouse, printer etc. The following careers can be chosen after learning
this course:


Diploma in
Software and Programming Language Courses

developers must learn programming languages like Java, C ++ etc. Software
developers are in high demand in IT companies.

You can also do some other courses


1)Diploma in
Tally Courses

2Diploma in
Cybersecurity Courses

3)Diploma in
Microsoft Office and Typing Courses

4)Diploma in
Computer Science Courses

5)Diploma in
IT Courses

6)Diploma in
Computer Hardware Maintenance Courses


After the completion of Diploma in
Digital Marketing Courses, the possible career options are included:

  1. Digital Marketer
  2. Professional Digital Marketing
  3. Online Brand Management
  4. Social media manager
  5. SEO and Manager
  6. SEO Consultant
  7. Digital Marketing Instructor.


The careers we can build after
learning the web designing course are:


  1. Unique web designer
  2. Web Designer (with agencies / corporates / multinationals)
  3. Web developer
  4. UX Designer
  5. Graphic designer


VFX and Animation Courses can take 6
months to 2 years to complete. This course is taught in different major cities
of India.


If you have creativity or imagination then you can choose
this course after high school. After completing the course, you can choose the
following lists:


  1. Freelance VFX professional
  2. VFX specialist
  3. Film animation specialist
  4. Visual effects specialist
  5. Instructor
  6. Creative Head
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