How to become a website designer? Career Option open for a Web Designer


to become a website designer?

Nowadays everything is going online. Any company or
organization, big or small, is creating a website from web design to promote
their brand. In todays in this article discuss how to become a
professional web designer.

discussing how to become a web designer, let’s find out what a web designer is.

A web designer is a person who designs a website. The job of
web design is to make a website beautiful and attractive. A web designer makes
a website page interesting by coding it.

As the importance of online is increasing day by day and
every person is becoming dependent on online, the importance of web design
profession is increasing day by day.

A web designer can earn from Rs 10,000 to Rs 1 lakh per

If you don’t mind traditional education then there is no
reason to worry. You can earn a lot of money by designing the web.

But to learn web design you have to be creative. You will be
able to create a beautiful website page with your creativity and deep thinking.


There is no need to graduate or post graduate to learn web
design. Learning web designing can be started from secondary or higher
secondary level.


There are various organizations for learning web design. If
you search on Google, you will find the names of some of these organizations.
Web designing can also be learned through a number of free online paid courses.


After learning web design one can get a job as a fixed
salary in different companies. You can also work on various freelancing
websites from home. If you search on Google, you will find many freelancing


You can choose the website design as Part Time Career or
Fulltime Career (Full Time Career).


take a course in web designing, the following things are required:

  1. Basic computer knowledge
  2. Photoshop
  3. Color sense
  4. The power of thought
  5. Designing sense
  6. HTML
  7. CSS
  8. JavaScript


the following websites to learn web design:




that will get you a job online after learning web design:


  3. etc.


There are also many freelancing websites where you can get a
job by creating your profile.

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