Computer Fundamental and basic questions of Computer –

Hello friends in today’s report I will discuss some important computer questions and answers. Nowadays we can’t learn anything if we don’t know about all these basic computers. So we must know these things.

All the computer topics discussed here have been published in this report after extensive consideration of many book searches.

Computer Fundamental and basic questions of Computer

Fundamental and basic questions of Computer

  • What is Computer?

Computer is an Electro Calculating device. It can perform
arithmetically and logically.

  • Who is the inventor of Computer?

Charles Babbage is the inventor of computer.

  • How many ways of computer?

Generally two ways of computer.

  1. Hardware
  2. Software

  • Hardware

The parts of the computer that we
can see and touch such as the keyboard, Monitor and Mouse are called hardware.
In one Sentence Hardware is a collection of Component.

  • Software

Software is an instruction that
direct connect to the computer. In one Sentence software is a collection of
programme. That we cannot touch, and use regularly. For example- MS Word,
Excel, Tally, Windows, Linux etc.

  • How many types of software?

There are two main types of

System Software and Application Software

  • What is System Software or Operating System?

System Software includes the
program that are dedicated to managing and operating the computer itself.
Example – Windows 7, Windows 10, Linux, UNIX, and MAC etc. without Operating
System we cannot run our computer.

  • What is Application Software?

It’s a simply application. It’s
like a productively programmes. That we can run into our computer uses are can
complete our daily task. Such as crating Documents, Spreadsheets, Data Base and
Publications, doing online research running business and even playing Games use
the application software.

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